M.S.Yatnatti Editor Property Politics
by Admin User - Monday, 17 April 2017, 01:35 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Instead of collecting Food wastage at weddings, hotels and large gatherings let us promote the idea of making more food than required at wedding halls, kalyana mantaps, paying guests and restaurants and make it a point that such food is donated to poor people . If in a wedding 500 people are invited make it for 600 people and extra 200 people meal is donated in packets to poor people .Some time back Do Roti campaign was made hat every affordable house make two Roti extra and donate it to street children’s instead of giving cash donations and tis will reduce crimes against children’s.  With an enormous amount of food being generated on a daily basis, the consequence of this food donations generate goodwill among people and such food donations can feed close to 1,00000 people on a daily basis in Bangalore as several thousand klyanamantapas are functioning in Bangalore . “NGOs can collect good food from wedding halls, kalyana mantaps, paying guests and restaurants where there is food donation happens and then NGOs CAN go to railway stations, bus stands, hospitals and other places and distribute the food to those who need it .Roti Kapda Makaan are the basic needs of human being . If a poor and destitute person is provided at least one wholesome meal in a day, He or she has a chance to face the challenges of her hard life. Roti trust an NGO operating in Bengaluru completed its first anniversary on 09-04-2017 of providing free food to about 300 patients attenders every day and daily at SDS Tuberculosis and Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases Super Specialty State Referral Hospital .On this occasion a programme was organized by Roti Trusts in association with Sadbhavana trusts to commemorate the occasion. On this occasion Janasadbhawana launched mission safe Bengaluru in association with Bangalore city police to create public awareness, under public police partnership (p.p.p) "for safe & crime free society or reconstruction of society. Many experts would suggest Janasadbhawana should create an atmosphere and urge all police people and Rowdy sheeters if any ,Government officers ,Corporators and Ministers and MLAs other important personalities and businesses should wear body wearing cameras for creating a safe Bengaluru.