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by Admin User - Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 11:07 AM

By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Reportedly accounting and consulting organization are regularly hiring fresh chartered accountants to join as management trainees in the audit department. They would hire them in large numbers and be left with a handful at the end of every 12-18 months. Most of the trainees left for better assignments/ roles, as they found audit work repetitive and non-stimulating, especially on the back of three years of audit work they had already completed as a part of their CA article ship .A new president for the audit team joined soon thereafter and described this as insanity doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a new outcome each time. His frustration forced them to go back to the drawing board to explore new solutions to build talent pipelines for the audit function. The exercise proved to be an eye-opener as they began exploring all the alternate talent pools available to them across entry levels from inside and outside the organisation. Externally, they had commerce graduates and those with masters in commerce as available pools, and they could also perhaps consider more CAs for the next-level roles. They listed the : › Engineers already familiar with the plants’ operations could be included through the IJP process and › QA/QC or procurement executives who may want a career in audit and › CAs already in the system who would want to explore joining mid-level positions and BCom and M Com graduates who generally have no placement support in college We brainstormed till we suddenly hit upon an interesting talent pool we had not considered before — CA ‘inter-fail’! This group is large in India, given the stringent pass marks in the CA exams, and has no real career opportunities in except accounting-related jobs. They clarified with our talent acquisition teams that they would treat them as graduates with 3-plus years of work experience and immediately set about finding this group. We hired 20 in the first year and soon hit a treasure trove. This pool was mature, diligent with great humility to learn and deliver results. They reportedly had a great experience and 100% retention in Year 1. Them repotedly they hired another 30 in the next year and this became a great success story of new talent contribution and retention. This experience urged them to question the stigma of ‘Failed’ on many who attempt competitive exams and don’t pass tests for coveted programmes like IIT-JEE, CAT and UPSC. Them question what happens to the large numbers who fail these exams every year? Even worse, what about the ones who attempt these exams several times and are not successful. If they remove the stigma and thier bias of failure, it is imminently possible to find people with aspiration, with otherwise great academic records, good critical thinking, analytical thinking capability, general knowledge and good communication skills. These views were reportedly expressed by Sujaya Banerjee the founder & CEO of Capstone People Consulting.Every employee is an entrepreneur today .companies have started treating employees as short-term assets, and they, in turn, have they reinvented themselves as marketable goods, always ready to quit, always on the look-out for the next good opportunity. So, every person should think of herself or himself as a business — Me, Inc — and to survive this new world of work, the CEO of Me, Inc — the employee — must be a quitter, The idea of work has changed so much in the last 20 years that employees are looking to quit from the moment they start at a job. Experts state that Governments should not provide welfare, but should exist only to organize markets, ensure they function well, and promote competition and innovation. If the company wasn’t making commitments, employees weren’t willing to pledge loyalty. It was sensible for a person to pick a job with an eye on learning skills that could be used in future in another company. In short, a job is a good job if it will lead to another job with another company. “People should view themselves as a business — a bundle of skills, assets, qualities, experiences and relationships to be managed and continually enhanced,”. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to sell online. The must know how to validate their products. A lot of entrepreneurs need to learn how to get their story out there. Customers need to know what is unique about the product. Branding thier product is important how to put the product in front of the right customer, how to price it and handle promotion are very important . Number one is always finding demand. Product strategy has to be aligned with customer demand. B2C has more opportunity.Be your own boss .Create a startup and be your own boss .