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by Admin User - Thursday, 6 February 2020, 11:05 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Amenities in the GM project :A 60,000 sqft club house Swimming children's pool, skating rink, lazy river Rock climbing wall Stage performance area, mini theatre Sand pit, children hammock park, creche, children's play room, sleeping nets Half basketball court, jumbo chess, mini soccer field Lounge, banquet hall ATM, laundry, pharmacy, clinic Coffee bar, gym, aerobics, salon, spa and steam room (ladies and gents) Security rooms, visitor's parking .With over two decades of extensive experience in a range of verticals related to construction, Chairman and Managing Director Gulam Mustafa has single-handedly led GM Infinite Group's portfolio from construction to real estate. As a second generation professional as he achieves uncompromised standards of quality in his ventures .GM Infinite Group has an impressive track record with expertise in construction. It has that translated into success in the competitive world of real estate.GM Infinite Group's techinical know-how and an unflinching focus on customer satisfaction is what propels its success. The company started out as a construction major over five decades ago and today, it take pride in saying that they don't just have five decades of experience in this industry but have five decades of unparalleled expertise. And A solid reputation and delivering exceptional projects on schedule have earned their customers' trust. GM use their own construction technology with no external contractors. Their customers get quality materials from the source.GM Infinite Group offers unique concepts bringing you a seamless combination of the finest infrastructure and amenities. The Group's key drivers are one-of-a-kind concepts at competitive prices with timely delivery. You will also notice that the projects are carefully located in prominent, upcoming areas of the city so that your investment gets a boost and you enjoy monetary gains.GM are in a constant pursuit of providing better homes to their customers at competitive prices. GM meet architects from across the world frequently to gauge the viability of a concept. Living by the values of transparency, professionalism and integrity, GM only use A-A+ grade material in all construction, interiors, hardware, electrical fittings and plumbing. GM had a phenomenal run with Global Techies Town. It is believed that this development is the first-of its-kind in the country.The 31 floors of palatial condominiums offer a wide range of top-notch amenities. To be precise, this project offers over 100 amenities from extravagant water lounges, hanging gardens to rock climbing areas and elevated tree-ways, and it is here that the true essence of Mother Nature is retained at its best.It is also conveniently located in Electronics City, surrounded by many IT companies, hospitals, shopping malls and educational institutions, thus providing good social infrastructure. It also overlooks the upcoming large mall The Neo Mall.Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a person looking for a home away from the hustle of the city, GM Infinite Group promotes the project which not only provides world-class lifestyle and amenities but also 82 percent of open space fringed by exotic palms, tropical trees, seasonal blossoms, a beautiful butterfly garden and more.With only 18 percent built-up area, the towers are nestled among lush green landscape.