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by Admin User - Friday, 7 February 2020, 09:22 AM
By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Reportedly even as India’s colleges and technical institutes churn out graduates by the thousands, they often lack the requisite employable skills. Hence, many of students remain jobless and, often, very highly qualified people opt for menial jobs as they lack employable skills. Reportedly We often heard the government reiterate the need for “Skilled India”. This article is an attempt to highlight the lucrative jobs in the IT industry along with the skills needed for them as reported in the media. Every employee is an entrepreneur today .companies have started treating employees as short-term assets, and they, in turn, have they reinvented themselves as marketable goods, always ready to quit, always on the look-out for the next good opportunity. So, every person should think of herself or himself as a business — Me, Inc and to survive this new world of work, the CEO of Me, Inc .Data scientists: Reportedly the Indian software industry is quite mature compared to various other countries. India caters to not only a thriving and challenging from time to time. This article highlights the major job roles that are in demand in 2020 in the IT industry. Everyone knows about the most sought after job of the 21st century. The demand for data scientists in India is quite high and there is a lack of skilled resources to fill in the vacancies locally. According to an article published in Indian media, the demand for data scientists rose by 417 per cent in 2019. This means that such jobs are highly available and also pay well – excellent from a professional point of view . If someone wants to build a career in data science in India, then this is the right time to pick up the necessary skills include one of the programming languages such a Python, R or SAS; knowledge of SQL, statistics, Big Data, and above all a deep curiosity to research data. The median salary in India is around Rs.1.15 million ( 11.5 lakhs) per annum. .Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AL) : Reportedly the next job hat is in high demand in 2020 is for ML/AL professionals. According to the article in Indian media, there are 50,000 job vacancies for ML/AL related jobs. Shortage of skilled resources in these fields has led to very many vacancies. Machine Learning and AI require people to have programming and mathematical skills which could be used to train systems for decision making. The skills needed are programming skills (Python, Java, C++, R etc), a strong foundation in mathematics covering probability and statistics, strong algorithm building skills and above all, curiosity, patience and perseverance. The median salary for ML/AI job roles in India is Rs.1.43 million (14.3 lakhs) per annum. .Cloud architects/ developers: Reportedly there is no doubt that every industry is aiming to have its infrastructure and applications hosted in the cloud. This brings us to the next in-demand job role – the cloud architect/developer. The architect helps an organisation to design a possible infrastructure hosted in the cloud while the developer creates the applications that run on it. India will have one million cloud professionals by 2022. While there are several cloud providers who have their own knowledge repositories, some of the most basic skills such as virtualisation, containerisation, serverless computing, NoSQL DB and programming skills are necessary for every aspiring cloud architect/developer. The entry-level salary for a cloud professional could be in the range of Rs.1.2 -1.9 million (12 -19 lskhs) per annum.