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by Admin User - Friday, 14 February 2020, 11:12 AM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : The union Government and states Governments can take over 50% vacant seats in engineering colleges and give it to poor SC ST amd OBC appliocants instead of wasting infrastructure and faculty valuable time and capacities .Reportedly The All India Council for Technical Education has put the brakes on engineering education. With a glut in BTech institutes across India, no fresh applications for setting up new institutes will be accepted till 2022. The decision draws upon the experience of the admission season of 2019-20 which saw every other seat in this technical stream remain vacant. India has 27 lakh engineering seats in the undergraduate (14 lakh), diploma (11 lakh) and postgraduate (1.8 lakh) space, but only 13 lakh students took admissions in 2019-20, with seven lakh of them joining undergraduate programmes. “In view of the large number of vacant seats in various programmes during the last few years and the likely future demand, the council shall not grant approval to new technical institutions at the diploma/undergraduate/ postgraduate level in engineering and technology,” stated the new AICTE handbook that defines the guidelines for the coming academic year. The council’s committee headed by IIT-Hyderabad chairman BVR Mohan Reddy suggested that the ban be reviewed after two years.Reportedly over 500 engineering colleges shut down in past 4 years: AICTE :Reportedly in 2019, merely six lakh graduates found jobs during campus placements, according to AICTE data. Between 2015 and 2019, a total of 518 engineering colleges shut down, says AICTE. Experts say the technical education sector needed a massive revamp. “The hopeless engineers and sluggishness in the industry are leading to a massive breakdown of technical education in India,” said G D Yadav, former vicechancellor, Institute of Chemical Technology.The National Perspective Plan also states that existing colleges asking for new programmes or for increase in student intake in engineering and technology will be turned down, barring those that are starting courses in emerging areas.The Reddy report said if one looked at seats available versus students admitted, the number stood as low as 49.8%. “Creating any further capacity is a big drain on investments since, at the very basic level, it involves the creation of infrastructure like buildings and laboratory infrastructure. We recommend that we do not create any new capacity starting from the academic year 2020. The creation of new capacity can be reviewed every two years after that.”When the sun of the new millennium rose, it marked the golden age for professional education. In the early part of the previous decade, hundreds of new institutes came up and thousands of aspirants queued up to join them. That was a time when India was bullish on education and added tens of thousands of seats to professional colleges every year. Two decades on, the picture is one of stark contrast. Joining a professional college was once the pinnacle of a student’s career. So students, left with little choice, often joined anonymous colleges. But now, they are put off by one or more of these reasons: Poor quality of teaching, lack of adequate faculty or no job offer at the end. The tables have turned and candidates scoring even a zero in entrance exams are invited to sign up at engineering institutes. Yet, colleges are running half-empty. The engineering space indeed needs re-engineering.Class rooms need to have BIG TV screens with HDMI Slot to convert them into PC. Students or class rooms can have Laptops. The institution of higher learning can easily provide hardware .When question of software’s comes every institution has no funds for commercial software’s to purchase them and also keep them purchasing new versions every year . KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru is planning to provide unlimited portable OS and portable Apps loaded PC Sticks and Pen drives which students and teacher can carry in their pockets and convert any class room into their subject computer Lab by just plug and play at very affordable prices . Universities in India need to convert every class room into a portable lab .Each teacher and Each student can convert into his subject lab and use it by using portable apps and portable OS without affecting the basic hardware. Portable Apps and Portable OS can be carried in their pockets. The higher education in India is getting revolutionized with use of BIG TV Screen (which can be converted into a computer by Compu Stick or PC Stick ) as black board in class room and each student with a lap top or a desk top .This is the basic hardware that need to be provided in each class room.KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru is planning to provide each subject teacher and each subject students with portable Linux OS and portable Linux based Apps of his choice and with this each teacher and students can convert it into his subject lab by using potable OS and portable Apps provided by KPNUT .These apps can run from any portable device (a thumb drive, CD, DVD, portable hard drive or other device Compu Stick ) without needing to be installed directly on the hard drive of the system you're using. You can visit www.kpnutechnologies.com or contact kpnutechnologies@yahoo.com for your proposals and a quote or for choice portable OS and portable Apps on CD/DVD or Pen Drive or on Compu Stick or PC Stick or Micro SD card with choice of your open source software portable OS and portable Apps loaded PC Sticks and Pen drives according to your subject needs. KPN unlimited technologies Bengaluru will load required potable app on USB or Comput Stick OR pc Stick with required Portable App and Portable OS . IT is considered as an enabler for Indian to transform itself from a developing country to an industrialized nation. IT has left an immense impact on the nature and structure of higher education in Indian and will continue to play a prominent role in its future. KPNUT presents to the readers how IT utilization has enabled the country to offer quality education to its citizen in-line with the requirements of its labor market and the Net generation. 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