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By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Open Shot is a free, simple-to-use, feature-rich video editor for Linux Windows and Mac. The brainchild of programmer Jonathan Thomas, OpenShot has garnered a large and enthusiastic following for many reasons, one being Thomas’s responsiveness to user feedback. To quickly see the best uses of OpenShot, check out the beautifully created videos using open shot. “In short OpenShot is: 1. Easy to use. 2. Can work with HD video smoothly 3. Can change video colouring/lighting, among other things 4. Gives users the ability to add effects. 5. Can render video at a very high speed (especially when compared to Windows editing programs). This really makes OpenShot a powerful addition to the Linux community.” Help manuals for OpenShot are available in several languages – and each includes a simple "Learn OpenShot in 5 Minutes" section. When video production is required of all students, it makes sense to steer students towards an easy-to-use, yet powerful free video editor. OpenShot is that video editor. OpenShot is, quite simply, a cross-platform, free software (GPL licensed) video editing package. It’s available for Linux and, according to their download page, for Windows and Mac, as well.Interestingly, OpenShot is distributed via appimage. That means they provide a single binary that can be run on just about any modern Linux distribution. So, what makes OpenShot 2.3 so ridiculously awesome?.To start with, the new transformation tool is absolutely stupendous. It allows you to easily add some very cool animations to your videos. Simply drop an item (say, an image of your kid playing hockey) on the timeline. Select a spot on the timeline to start the animation, select Transform, then adjust the image however you want in a WYSIWYG way. Drag it around. Resize/reshape it. Then move to the next spot on the timeline that you want the image to do something else and repeat. OpenShot will do the hard work of calculating and rendering all of the frames in between those two points for you. The result is a nice smooth animation put together in just a few minutes. Not only is it easy, but the performance was quite peppy. This new version also adds to create titles for your videos. This is, hands down, the most fun title editor . Some of the built-in templates are a ton of fun and look absolutely fantastic.Today even inexpensive cell phones offer 4K resolution for video recording capability .Many News channels have dumped big camera setups for mobile phone journalism. Many news channels are using YouTube have YouTube channels. Now, anyone with a cell phone is both a content creator as well as a content distributor while of course also continuing to be a content consumer. Great opportunity is available for talented persons. Making videos for YouTube and then earning money is one of the possibility and becoming successful with little extra efforts. Many youngsters today are making up their career goals to upload more than one video a week and build a channel and a personal brand. It is a smart move despite the risks, and that video and social media marketing skills are sought after these days. “Even if it doesn’t work very well, they would have built either a personal brand by then or enough skill set to be easily hired by marketing agencies or marketing functions of different organizations . The main way that people make money through YouTube is through advertising revenue from Google AdSense. You earn money for the amount of views and ad clicks that your videos get.You need to create good content in order to get views and make money. A lot of people start out by vlogging or filming themselves playing video games.When a video is posted to YouTube, but gets zero views, does it even exist? This is the eternal question for any video marketer. With 300 hours of video uploaded to the platform every single minute, it can be tough for any YouTubers who are trying to get their message out.You’ve heard it over and over again—to the point where you’re seeing a ‘Skip Ad’ button in your dreams—but 2017 is the year of video. Promoting your YouTube channel is a fine art, and one that can be the difference between having your content acknowledged with crickets or with a standing ovation.The following guide will help you Promote your YouTube channel in a way that will make sure your videos stand out from the crowd. YouTube doesn't pay for the number of views you get on your video. YouTube pays you on the number of people who've clicked or watched an ad. This is called 'Engagement' with the ad.Advertisers have two models based on which they choose the advertisement.a) Cost per View (CPV)b) Cost per Click (CPC)a) In CPV, the advertiser pays for the number of times the ad has been viewed. It doesn't matter if a viewer clicks on the advertisement, they pay only for the views. b) In CPC, the advertiser pays for the number of clicks. So the advertiser is charged only when someone clicks on the advertisement.