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by Admin User - Tuesday, 7 September 2021, 12:43 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bangalore : It is pertinent to note that , BMTC TTMC Shanthinagar, has broken the road divider for convenience and not safety of people .No need of outgoing and incoming both busses necessarily enter the bus station and take passengers .In TTMC Vijayanager and TTMC Kengeri outgoing and incoming both busses do not enter the bus station .When Traffic police has not allowed breaking of road divider in front of TTMC Kengeri then why it has allowed breaking road divider in KH Road after construction of TTMC BMTC Building shanthinagar .Historically double road (K H. Road ) is Bangalore probably first one way traffic regulated double road and traffic police should not break it in between and artificially create traffic congestion and create chaos in the traffic regulation. This road divider was broken after construction of TTMC BMTC Building shanthinagar .Traffic police should enforce two way systems without any breaks in between and should not be lenient on rules and regulations .They must enforce law without favor and fear. There cannot be one law for BMTC and other law for public. No roads should be broken in between circles and signals .

Two way traffic should be properly regulated .The Road divider on Shantinagar double road just before and opposite TTMC BMTC Building shanthinagar (B.M.T.C. Bus Stand Complex, Double Road,Next Big Bazar,Shanthinagar )and opposite Rivoli Hotel and Karnataka emporium is being broken and opened and hindering the free flow of traffic at busy K.H Road .Several police officers waste their time in managing huge traffic .This opening is not only used by two wheelers and BMTC busses dangerously compromising the safety of fellow commuters. Besides, Two wheelers and BMTC busses and heavy vehicles come from all directions and create disgusting, chaotic, unsafe traffic .I have observed that these foolish violators also carry children with them and cross zigzag . Traffic flow from all sides creating traffic jam on all sides and Traffic goes erratically. Request is made to traffic police to permanently close the divider and ensure free traffic flow on double road until lalbagh circle .Sector Police officers need to be informed for action, permanently close the divider to ensure free traffic flow. https://www.facebook.com/BangaloreTrafficPolice many people have posted message on face book of traffic police asking them to close the divider which is important to save lives of citizens . https://www.facebook.com/BangaloreTrafficPolice/posts/616827205049657?stream_ref=5. Bangalore Traffic Police website is at this URL http://www.bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in/. About 54 lakhs Vehicular movement daily in the Bangalore central business district (CBD) is set to be a crawl in 2020: 5 km per hour to be precise, if authorities fail to address growing traffic congestion in the city just in time . Better public transport and Staggered office timings and school college’s timings and E-Government and online transactions will definitely reduce the traffic congestion. Bangalore should be allowed to become city which never sleep .Allow all commercial establishment to work 24/7 in three shifts. The traffic congestion on roads will automatically get resolved and entire work and traffic load get evenly distributed and road density get divided between day and night .