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by Admin User - Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 11:38 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : A revolutionary love story “a love triangle” where Hero and Villain both love the heroin of the story which took shape in a village which is told first time on Big screen with comedy and politics and fights and six melodies songs proposed to be released on theaters if permitted otherwise Netflix and Amazon and other electronic and web media simultaneously in view of COVID-19 restrictions. Raita Rajya is a tale of hope and triumph of farmers . According to story these Farmers do not want to be industrialist, they want only better income or double income for their produce .It takes a lot of courage to make a film based on a farmer as a hero. It needs time patience passion and off coerce affordable money to see ambitious idea makes it way to silver screen or Net Film .This time life of a farmer is central theme of a unique love storey. Kannada films have always been there. But people need to change the mind set of about Kannada film industry. Karnataka people really need to feel proud about Kannada films, especially as when you see other industry being respected in the state. When it comes to IT, they say Bengaluru is the IT city. When it is about fashion, they say Bengaluru is one of the best in the field. We excel in English and Kannada theatre; we win so many awards for literature. Kannadigas were proud about so many of these things, and time has come to respect Kannada films . Kannada films may be a small industry, it has its limitations but need to be supported and respected. Karnataka people have given the chance or an opportunity to make a difference for Kannada films given a kind of power where people can bring in a change, by way of crowd funding the Kannada films. Bankara film is seeking crown funding in the form of donations to complete the film and release the film. Being student filmmakers, budget is something that always concerns us. Hence we decided to turn to a crowd funding platform, with hopes of being able to raise necessary funds to make a dream come true. It is a film very personal to me and my crew and will be something that anyone can understand and learn from.Bankar Films is inviting crowd funding in the form of donations and its Canara Bank Account Number is 1229201000664 BANAKAR FILMS IFC CODE CNRB0001229 e-mail: cb1229@canarabank.com Sri Kurdi Bankara Mobile Number: 9008750060 .Note; The investors and donor are requested to do their due diligence before investing or donating .