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by Admin User - Saturday, 8 January 2022, 04:35 PM

By: M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : Always industries undergo testing times .According to a earlier NASSCOM report about 40% of tech professional need re-skilling over next five years automation never kills the jobs but it creates new jobs as without humans noting runs as to run automation and robotic humans intervention is always needed ...Opportunities abound for Data Scientists in the Silicon valley of India, Bengaluru and they are paid higher than mainstream professions. Businesses are currently generating tremendous amount of data but they are facing an acute shortage of people with the skills to analyse and make sense of the big data. After training in Big Data in reputed institutions get jobs in most happening data science organizations (both in India and abroad) like Philips, Deloitte, Microsoft, United Health Group and other organizations so on and so forth and typically earn 40-300% higher salaries than software engineers with the same experience. Reportedly Big data jobs are trending in every industry, and employers recognize the value of this exciting field as they scramble to fill positions."Big data is getting bigger by the day..."“Big data is getting bigger by the day and the avenues for continued growth are readily apparent in everything from consumer marketing to biotechnology research,” say IT experts. Companies in every field – from online retailers to health insurance carriers need skilled employees with the technical know-how to transform all of that data into meaningful information that can boost their profits. A growing field like this offers a whole slew of career opportunities for those who want in on the action.The term "big data" is somewhat abstract in that there is no formal definition of the field. However, there are several positions that fall under this umbrella. And when it comes to these big data jobs, the current demand drastically exceeds the supply, according to market research and experts believes employees with solid experience in this area will have their pick of job opportunities from large companies and leading start-ups alike. Ready to get in on the action? Let us introduce you to a few of the up-and-coming big data jobs. Learn a bit about what each of these positions entails, the earning potential and the projected growth.You never know — one of them could end up being your future job title! According to reports today, businesses depend on technology to drive digital transformations. Yet becoming a digital business involves more than incrementally digitizing manufacturing, supply chains, marketing or other critical business functions to realize productivity and growth. Businesses need to harness technology and talent to achieve the multiplier effect and advance their digital ambitions. No one is better positioned than CIOs to lead the change. They must adapt the culture of the IT organization to strategically up skill, attract and source the right people, while embracing distributed technology workers across the enterprise.