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by Admin User - Friday, 14 January 2022, 11:03 PM

By : M.S.Yatnatti Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru : According to press reports demand for freelancers has been on the rise, and the severe shortage of new-age skills has been encouraging many full-time employees to become independent workers offering their expertise to multiple companies and earning much more than in their erstwhile positions.A survey conducted among Indian freelancers has found that web and mobile development, web designing, internet research and data entry are their key focus areas, and 23% of those surveyed said they earn between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 45 lakh a year. Another 23% earn between Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 5 lakh, while 55 respondents earn below Rs 2.5 lakh, showing that all freelancing jobs do not promise big bucks, and the right set of skills and their application are important. The mean income, according to the survey by digitalpayments company PayPal, was Rs 19 lakh. Freelancer.com, reportedly one of the largest global online platforms where freelancers can offer their services, the number of registered people from India is the highest, at more than 20% of the total. The portal has 5.3 million people from India, and 3.3 million from the US. The startup boom and the changing ethos with respect to job safety and security are also encouraging employees to take up more independent projects.According to start up mentors , there are three primary motivations: One, you see yourself as very good at something and want to do more of it. Two: You see a problem, and you believe you can solve it ingeniously. Three: You see an opportunity to make money. Answer the critical financial question: Who will buy what you intend to sell? Why, and what determines their ability to pay? Do not assume that the market is visible and available. Be prepared to work hard, work long, and work with focus when things go wrong. A successful business can look back and identify the steps it took to get where it stands today. That is the benefit of hindsight. A business must find a way to persist, persevere and plod on. That needs a tremendous amount of positive energy, willingness to learn new things, heightened awareness about the micro and macro view of what is going on and persistent ability to rework. Work from home is most challenging and comes with own set of distractions as you will be living with parents spouse or children’s and you need to set boundaries and you need to have ground rules established and you could consider converting your living room or bed room converting it as your work station or you could go for a nearby co working spaces or local coffee shop or community working spaces . Your portfolio is your asset advertise oneself and additionally continuously enhance your skillets by online learning by investing on self learning and armed with this and other primary requirements you can start making money from home but be careful about pitfalls of freelancing. Upgrading your skills ,knowledge and expertise is the only way to grow .